Acu-Reflex (Acupuncture plus Reflexology) is a powerful combination of simultaneously using needles on acupoints and applying manual pressure on reflexes to help bring balance to the body and speed up the process of healing.

As a reflexologist and a micro system acupuncturist, this treatment involves combining a depth of knowledge and techniques that looks to help restore bodily organs and systems by addressing symptoms and root cause.  Following a full health consultation, the treatment begins with the gentle placement of acupuncture needles to specific areas on the skin. Whilst these points are in place, reflex points and ayurvedic marma points are worked on the feet, hands and face enabling you to benefit from a combination of disciplines and achieve and even deeper level of relaxation and restoration. 

A truly unique approach that is particularly good for pain relief, fertility issues and digestive problems as well as relaxation and stress relief.